Would You Hire Household Help?

August 8, 2011

A number of workers have spoken to me lately regarding their frustration, lack of time and enjoyment with performing household chores.

Let’s be honest, who really enjoys cleaning?

Not only because most of us hate cleaning, ironing, mowing etc, but in the most part it is time consuming and I’m sure most of us would rather be doing something else (or perhaps ANYTHING else lol!).

I remember years ago, there was an opportunity to hire a cleaner where I was living and I couldn’t justify spending money on tasks that I could do myself.

I also struggled with the perception I would consider myself (and no doubt others as well) as lazy and perhaps even portentous to have a cleaner.  Now have times have changed (or just me!)!

Thankfully I got over my own “stuff” around gaining hired help.

When I considered my relationship to me doing cleaning – there was only negative emotions such as hatred (I know I really don’t like cleaning, particularly the oven!!), guilt and resentment that I should be doing more and procrastination as I didn’t want to do it, which was really impacting on my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a slob!  Anyone who knows me would consider me to be a tidying person who is extremely busy.

I am particularly grateful that I’ve been able to shift some of my own stuff that I had going on around hiring a cleaner.  Now I have one coming every few weeks to help out and I would have to say it’s such a good investment of money and provides a massive relief.

Not only can I spend the time however I wish, I also don’t have to do something that I really don’t enjoy and that would potentially take me twice as long compared to a cleaner!

Can you imagine, having a busy day at work and walking through the door with your loved ones into a home that’s clean and tidy?

If you live a busy life and can afford to gain some extra help, I cannot strongly recommend this enough, or at least try it out and see what you think.

I’m keen to hear other people’s experiences, have you thought about hiring someone to help or have you and how has it worked out for you?  Join us on facebook for our discussion

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