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October 28, 2012

BA ebookAfter years of struggling with my own work life balance, and getting to a point that I had taken on so much at work, that I spoke to my Manager, however did not get any support.  It was this moment, I remember falling in a heap and wondering what I was doing with my life.  I had given so much to my job, that my health suffered and ultimately so too did my relationships.  How did I let things get so bad?


I was committed to getting out of this situation as fast as I could, as the feeling that my life was collapsing around me, wasn’t something that I wanted to experience for long.  In fact, within three months, I was back working, focused and reconnecting with the important people in my life, that had been very understanding of the recent struggles I had had.


It is this moment and others, that led me to create a free eBook full of practical work life balance tips.  As someone who loves what they do and also is a recovering workaholic, it has meant that I have had to put in place a number of strategies to be able to achieve work life balance in my own life.


Here’s the thing, at times we feel completely out of balance, and other times we feel on top of the world.  The purpose of sharing this eBook is my genuine desire to help as many people as possible so that people like you don’t get into the situation like I had.


Here’s what some others thoughts about my ebook.


 “I’ve read your ebook already… big thumbs up!! J.  It’s really useful, concise and to the point.. people will luv it! J

Jaki Connaughton, Brisbane Australia.


“Your e-book is a great, user friendly piece and has given me some good thoughts. I really appreciate the work you are doing and your kindness to share this e-book.”

Anne Romney, New Hampshire


“Many thanks Mandy for the booklet. I am forwarding it to my daughter who is in the process of developing her counselling consultancy while raising two children. I know she will benefit from the content (if she gets time to read it that is).  Kind regards and best wishes for your own project. I believe it to be very worthwhile.”

Lawrie Vandenberg, Australia


“I just wanted to connect with you and say how much I have enjoyed reading your ebook and perusing your website. All of your words connected with me on both a personal and professional level.  You are doing a fabulous job!!”

Mia Jones, Australia

 “The eBook assisted me to reflect on what I really want in my career, compared with what I thought I wanted. As a working mother of three young children with a partner who is often away from home, it’s common for me to feel tired, stressed and stretched to the limit both at work and at home, and I know I am not alone in feeling this way! By focussing on what I want to achieve in each aspect of my life I am now more deliberate in where I choose to expend my energy, and in making sure it really counts. I haven’t yet worked my way through all the steps but reading the guide has helped me to identify where the problems lie and how to start to address them. Thank you for your advice.”

Jennifer Bell, Australia.


If you want to improve your work life balance or know someone who does, on the right hand side of this page, complete the details below the eBook, and I will send this free work life balance tips ebook directly to you.


All the best in your balancing success,

Mandy Brasser

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