Work Life Balance Myths Busted!

November 30, 2010

Work life balance is an increasing phenomenon and what comes with this topic are some common myths that I wanted to take this opportunity to clear up.  Here they are:

Myth #1 Work Life Balance is the Same for Everyone…

As much as it would be easy to say that all human beings are the same, I think we all know we are not and this is also the relevant for work life balance.

We all have unique needs and desires that may vary over different times in our lives.  For example, a single 20 year old female as opposed to married with three children 40 year old female, will no doubt have different work life balance needs.

Therefore I think it is safe to say that work life balance does vary for all of us.

Myth #2 Work Life Balance is Only an Issue for Women…

The stereotypical married women with kids comes to mind when thinking about work life balance.

Traditionally they may take on more household and child raising responsibilities in comparison to the father, plus work as well.

But fathers also need to achieve work life balance, with many being the primary provider who hold jobs with greater accountability whilst working long hours.

This may lead to less time with their family, friends and pursuing interests that make them happy, creating a notable need to improve their work life balance as well.

Myth #3 Work Life Balance is Only Important for Parents…

I think the single or childless individuals are often forgotten when considering work life balance.

Whether someone has children or not, does not interfere with the common desire to live a fulfilling life.  Individuals wanting to achieve work life balance who do not have children, may actually feel disadvantaged.

I think this is evident for several reasons, including legislative support for primary carers to employers giving preference to school holiday leave to parents.

Now I’m not saying that these are wrong arrangements, however just highlighting that individuals without children also have their own desires for work life balance, that are also important.

Myth #4 People Don’t Bring Their Personal “Stuff” to Work…

To believe that an employee can be at work and be able to completely switch off to what is happening in their personal lives, is a little optimistic to say the least.

I’m sure we’d all like to live in a world where we can magically flick a switch and either be fully engaged in one place or another.  Now I’m not saying that it’s not possible, as there are people out there that I am very envious that they have that ability.

But we all have lives, and particularly when there may be dramas happening in our personal lives, we know that our focus may not be 100% on work e.g. your child is sick, you’ve got a uni exam tomorrow, Australia is playing in the Ashes 😉 etc.

I think we all recognise that sometimes this happens and we need to do what we need to do to be able to stay focused on the task at hand.

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