Top Questions to Ask Hiring Household Help

August 23, 2011

So you’ve decided it’s time to gain some help with your household duties to save you time, effort and pain performing tasks that you really don’t want to do.  There are a range of household chores that can be easily outsourced to help you out.

Services can be found to help with cleaning, ironing, mowing, pet grooming, shopping, tree chopping, gardening, floors/carpet cleaning, child/day care, pool cleaning and so much more!

Whilst there is endless assistance out there, you need to first determine what you want.

Here are some questions to answer before going to service providers.

• What do you need done?  This is really important to know whether at the end of the job it has been done to your satisfactory.
• How frequently (one-off or every week/fortnight, month etc)?
• What will the service provider need from you to complete the work?  For example, will you need to be home?  Will you need have done your washing first?  Will you need to drop something off to them?
• When will you be ready and/or able to organise for the service provide to complete the work?
• What is your budget?
• Any other special conditions that you need to let the provider know?

To ensure that you aren’t wasting your valuable money and time switching between unreliable service providers, here are some important questions for you to ask your providers before you confirm the work with them:

• What services do you offer?
• How long have you been providing these services for?
• How much for your services (hourly vs job completion rate, one off)?  For example, you may pay a $30 for a basket of clothes to be ironed.
• Are there any discounts available if you continue to use their services?  For example, if you have a cleaner coming once a week, are you eligible for a 5% discount if you commit for the next 2 months, in comparison to a one-off/casual arrangement.
• Are there any additional fees/charges that you need to be aware of? For example, if you’re removing scrubs from your property, will there be an extra charge for the skip and dispose?
• Will I always get the same person, if not, will I be told?  For example, you may be happy with a particular pool cleaner and trust him to gain access to your backyard, therefore you may wish to be told if he is unavailable and they will be sending someone else.
• Do you have recent references from your clients and can I contact them?  This will help you to assess the quality of work, reliability of the provider and also if others are happy with the service being received.

It may seem extreme the number of questions to ask, when you consider that you may only want a small amount of work done.  As someone will be entering your home or doing work for you personally, you must be able to trust them.  There ask the questions that you feel will help you gain confidence that they know what they’re doing and that you’d feel comfortable for them to complete the task.  It would also be worthwhile speaking to your family and friends to see if they use or know of someone who uses a service provider that you’re looking to find a personal reference.

I hope you find some great household assistance!!!

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