Top Activities While Commuting

January 28, 2013

Businessman working during a business trip

I wrote an article recently focused on the fact that many Australians spend more than their annual leave in transit.  It dawned on me after I spoke with a number of employees from different companies around this topic, how many people are being using their commuting time wisely.


Here are some of the key activities currently being done while people travel to or from work.


  • Audio – music, podcasts, lectures, trainings and other forms of audio are the most regular activity engaged on the transit to or from work, particularly as this can be done while exercising and driving to work.
  • Social Media – whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and the list goes on….  Commuters are regularly checking and updating social media platforms during their work trips.
  • Emails – work or personal related, while commuting people are using this time to get on top of reading and responding to emails while on route.
  • Watching Videos – online videos, YouTube, TV shows, movies and other videos are readily accessible on mobile devices to provide entertainment, particularly on longer journeys.
  • Mental – time to think, ponder and plan the day ahead or wind down from the day that was, is still a popular activity and helps those who like to walk into work mentally ready and return home having already unwound.
  • Reading – books, magazines, journals or other reading material via old fashioned paper back or electronic device is still a popular pastime commuting.
  • Family & Friends – communicating with family and friends on calls or via texts while on the go to or from work, helps people to keep in touch with those that they care about.
  • Work – extra minutes or hours keeping on track of work activities are also completed by many.
  • Exercising – whether it is walking, running, or riding, many people use their trips to and from work for dual purposes of exercising and commuting as well.

Tasks are of course more limited when driving or exercising to get to work, with thinking and audio related activities being the two main activities that can safely be conducted.


As Australians spend many hours per week commuting and time being such a scarce and important commodity, it is great to see that activities as listed above are being conducted to maximise this time.


I’m keen to hear from others, what do you get up to during your transit to and from work?


Wavelength International worker Thrathon Soonthonvan says he commutes 4 hours every day from the Blue Mountain into Sydney due to financial reasons.


“I don’t mind the long commute as I get to work from home one day per week, leave work early and as I’m catching the train, I’m able to watch movies, listen to music, read or even do some work”, says Mr Soonthonvan.


To calculate how many days you spend commuting a year, check out our recent article here:


I hope the list above gives you some ideas on how to spend your time and that you’re maximising your commuting trip!

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