Tips to achieve balance after the holidays

January 14, 2010

Admit it, you love your job and you love your personal life, but you wish there were two of you – one to handle each!

The holidays are now over and this thought can be especially true when there is so much to catch up on at work after your break.

The holidays are a festive time of year which often becomes the worst because for many, they lose their simple work/life balance in trying to accomplish so much after the holidays are over.

There is work to catch up on, and of course you have your personal life too.

Three Quick Tips to Help You Achieve Balance.


  • Get Organised– Often stress results when you try to do too many things at once.This is especially true after the holidays, so break things down into manageable tasks.Make lists and tick off items, even if you don’t typically do this.  In this way you know nothing will be forgotten and everything will be accomplished.


  • Prioritise– When you return to work after a break, chances are the work has piled up.At first this can seem quite daunting, but it you prioritise your work based on its urgency and importance, you will begin to make head way but also feel more in control with what’s on your plate.


  • Separate Work and Your Personal Life– When you’re at work, put out of your mind the other tasks needed to be done at home.When you’re at home, it is sometimes good to debrief and talk about work however be conscious not to let it take over your personal time.

Remind yourself that things are often as complicated or as simple as you allow them to be.

If you’re determined to keep a work life balance, no matter what time of the year it is, the key is to get yourself organised at home and work so you can actually enjoy life!

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