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• 50% of parents list flexibility as their top employment criteria with Australian jobseekers*

• Your work life balance offer may be the deciding factor whether a candidate accepts your job offer^

• Due to a lack of flexibility, one in five Australians strongly agreed or agreed that they had considered resigning in the last six months*


Work life balance and flexibility is extremely important for many Australians and it’s essential for organisations to acknowledge, implement and promote their practices to remain competitive to attract talent.


Balancing Australia delivers a range of services to support employers related to work life balance, employer of choice promotion and talent attraction strategies.


Work Life Balance Employer Directory

Balancing Australia’s Work Life Balance Employer Directory ( promotes Australia’s leading employers to a targeted jobseeker audience looking for an employer who values and respects their need for a balanced life.

We do this by offering a cost-effective recruitment solution to promote your entire employment brand through your very own comprehensive employer profile. Being featured on Australia’s first and only dedicated work life balance employer directory builds credibility as one of the nation’s most desirable employers to attract local and national talent to current and future opportunities. Click to find out more information and details of joining today.


Talent Attraction

Need help attracting talent to your organisation?
Want to save $10,000 – $100,000 recruiting?


After years of working with some of the best employers in the country and also some of the up and coming ;-), it became evident that there are critical gaps by small local and global organisations costing $10,000 – $100,000’s, valuable time and quality candidates in relation to talent attraction.


Implementing work life balance is one thing, but promoting yourself as an Employer of Choice and implementing the most up to date talent attraction strategies is another. Employers who do not address these gaps, are at serious risk of spending excessive amounts on recruitment, will find it increasing difficult to fill vacancies within a reasonable timeframe and also struggle to remain competitive to attract the best talent if their employer competitors are making contact and converting the top candidates first.


I am about to launch a brand new service shortly to provide an affordable way for employers to improve their internal effectiveness attracting and sourcing talent.


To register your interest to improve your talent attraction practices, please email [email protected] or sign up for the free eBook and select “Employer – Talent Attraction Support”.

Click on the link to find out more about my consulting services.










*Diversity Council of Australia (2010)

^Hudson (2011)

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