Natural Disasters Renew Working From Home Options

February 25, 2013

Flood Insurance CarAs parts of Australia have experienced some of the worst natural disasters of our recent time, the option to work from home gains momentum.  Many employers have provided incredible support plus have been very generous allowing staff to take extra leave to deal with their individual circumstances.

As some homes continue to be at risk and people are unable to attend work due to flooding or bush fires, the opportunity still exists for those not in danger to continue to work from home.

Not only does this allow the employee to be close by their premises to monitor events in person, however it also allows an employer to continue operating despite natural disasters.

Organisations who are not set up to allow employees to work from home, should really consider options to avoid the following:

  • Reduce the risk of staff travelling in hazardous situations
  • Staff wasting precious time doing a longer and more dangerous commute
  • Lose of productivity at work should they be stressed about what is happening at home
  • Reduce the risk of staff getting stuck and not being able to return home after work
  • Staff getting significantly behind on their work, should they be safe and just cannot get to the office

If you are an employer and you’re unsure how best to keep staff motivated at home, check out this article at –

If you’re an employee and your organisation is not yet embracing working from home, find out how to request working from home here –

Dealing with natural disasters that impact our families, friends, homes and other property can be a very stressful event in our lives.  Employers who genuinely care, are doing what they can to support their staff and adding working from home is critical to any business who wants to minimise business disruptions during these natural events.

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