Ignoring Your Beauty Sleep Will Make You Fat

June 9, 2010

Night-time is when your body rests, recovers and resets so that you will be fresh to start another day.

Inadequate sleep (usually less than 7-9 h) or broken sleep (shallow sleeping, vivid dreaming, waking up during the night) will not only wake us up cursing the alarm, but we’ll feel exhausted as well.

Does Sleep Really Affect Your Weight?

No, it will also mess up our hormones, three in particular (Leptin, Ghrelin and Testosterone) that will seriously affect our weight loss. Leptin is our appetite depressant, Ghrelin controls our desire for food and Testosterone affect muscle gain, fat-loss and sexual desire.

Thus by consistently ignoring our beauty sleep we will suffer from increased appetite and desire for food, while impairing our ability to lose fat and build muscle, and throwing our sex life out the window.

Not so great. So, if any of the sleep inadequacies ring true for you, you need to do something about it. Do not ignore issues in this department and don’t be fooled by your body’s ability adapt to poor conditions.

Just because you may think that you can do fine on 4-5 hours every night, doesn’t mean that your body is.

Yes, we can go on for a long-time and eventually even get used to reduced sleep and recovery, but it doesn’t mean that we are unaffected by it.

Not by a long shot. And given enough time, our bodies will give us a real kick up the backside if we don’t learn.

If you find it difficult to get to bed in time – my advice is to get over it already or suffer the consequences.

But if there are other reasons for it, like difficulties falling asleep; be mindful of any stimulants taken up to six hours previous to going to bed (including alcohol), don’t work or sit at the TV the last 1-2 hours before bed and visit your pharmacist and try natural herbs to help you relax.

If your problem is shallow or broken sleep the previous tips still apply, but you should also consider sleep re-training, skipping afternoon naps and try sleeping with ear plugs (if noice is waking you up or bothering you at night).

There can be a million reasons for your unrest and therefore also a million solutions. Start in one end, trial and error and if you run out things to try, find your national insomnia institute (just Google it) for more information.

Written by Anders N W Lindgreen.

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