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HR Daily
Free daily source of HR topics, news and issues, including relevant work life balance related articles.
Recruiter Daily
Free daily blog providing the latest Australian news, issues and resources for recruitment.
Leadership & Management resources to enrich your personal & professional development.
Government Support – Work Life Balance
NSW Government – Parent & Carers Support
Bringing together information to employers and employees about the work and family provisions in New South Wales industrial legislation and offer best practice advice for the balancing of work and family responsibilities.
NSW Government – Flexible Work Practices
Sharing important documents which set out the flexible working options which are available and how they may be implemented.
Queensland Government – Work, Family & Lifestyle
Department of Justice and Attorney-General encourages all businesses to use this information as a starting point to developing their own policies.
Tasmanian Government
The Tasmanian Government’s Better Workplaces provides information and resources to assist Tasmanian small businesses with modern employment and workplace practices.
As part of the new National Employment Standards (NES), your employees who have worked longer than 12 months (including regular casuals) are entitled to request flexible working arrangements to help them care for their child (under school age) or disabled child who is under school age or who is under 18 and has a disability.
WA Governent – Work Life Balance Resources
Extensive resources to support jobseekers and employers looking to improve work life balance practices.
Financial Support
Work & Family Fresh Ideas
Federal Government grants supporting Australian small businesses to implement work life balance arrangements
Employer Branding
ReAgent Employer Marketing
Build your Employer Brand and be employer of choice. Advertising, branding, strategy, design.
eBrands is an innovative brand agency that operates in the employer brand space, focusing on brand enablement through content generation, search engine optimisation and social media participation.
Employer Support
No Leave No Life
An initiative by Tourism Australia to provide resources and tools for employers to help them support their employees with excessive annual leave balances.
Options Your Choices Your Future
Working with business and people to identify barriers to increased productivity and success in work and/or life.
Australian Breastfeeding Association
Supporting and removing the barriers surrounding breastfeeding in the workplace.
Sphinxx provides leadership development to women and consulting advice to help employers find and keep the best women on their teams.
Government – Federal
Fair Work Act 2009
Fair Work Australia is the national workplace relations tribunal, outlining the national employment standards and support to manage flexible requests.
Paid Parental Leave
Information from the Family Assistance Office on paid parental leave.
Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency
Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency offers useful resources for employers to support working women.
Government Support – Industrial Relations
Victorian Government
The Victoria Government’s industrial relations department.
New South Wales Government
The NSW Industrial Relations website outlines the industrial relations laws and awards.
Queensland Government
Employment and training information and support from the Queensland Government.
Western Australia Government
Information and support from the Western Australian government for employment and industrial relations.
South Australia Government
Employment support and resources from the South Australian Government.
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