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Balancing Australia delivers a range of consulting services focused on:
Talent Attraction Consulting, Recruitment Consulting, Career Page Consulting, Social Media Recruitment Consulting, Talent Attraction Metrics, Employer of Choice Consulting and Internet Marketing Sourcing Consulting Services


All the above programs are focused on improving your effectiveness of attracting and recruiting talent to join your organisation.


Let me help you get more quality candidates, slash recruitment time and reduce your recruitment costs …in as little as 12 weeks.

• Are you having a difficult time filling roles?
• Are you wasting $10,000-$100,000’s on recruitment?
• Would you like to take control of a proactive sourcing approach for your business?
• Or, are you simply looking for ways to be more effective attracting the right people to your business?


My Talent Attraction Formula Consulting Programs can help you.
I understand what you are trying to accomplish as an internal recruitment function – and I have the best talent attraction consulting solutions that will help you succeed, even in this difficult economy.


From working with award-winning employers, from small to global organisations, I have developed a successful talent attraction program – that will help you see more quality candidates, fill roles in less time, save thousands of dollars in recruitment costs and increase productivity in your business – in as little as 12 weeks.


The Talent Attraction Consulting Program will help you to:
• Connect with more targeted talent you will need to build your business
• Increase your bottom line by greatly increasing the effectiveness of talent attraction strategies
• Streamline your sourcing practices allowing you to work less and get better results
• Help you implement or get in control of your talent pool and help you to grow this further


By working with me, you can save money in your business, manage your talent attraction better, and see the results you need – in as little as 12 weeks.

Companies I have worked with over the years include: ABB, Ventyx, Ramsay Health Care, Royal Flying Doctors Service, Mercy Health, City Beach Surf, Building Commission Victoria, Wavelength International and Optus.


How I Can Help You To Get The Results You Want?

Talent Attraction Consulting clients are able to see quick results in their businesses – because my clients use a simple yet effective system for producing the results they want. By having a step by step action plan that gives them the direction they need, they can reach their business goals, quickly and efficiently.


This is how the program works:

First we do a review of your existing talent attraction practices to identify what is costing your organisation valuable time, significant recruitment costs and quality candidates

Then we understand your organisations specific recruitment goals to determine the overall strategy and specific measures to track your talent attraction success

Next, we look at your ideal candidate and creating an informative candidate profile to target more effectively

Then, we look at your employment offer, what are you offering, including your work life balance offer and how we can package and tailor this specifically to your talent profile

Once the foundation has been established, we then identify all of the critical sourcing channels you must be embracing to improve your talent attraction success

Next, we design a step by step plan of action with priorities – that shows you the steps you need to take to reach your ongoing talent attraction goals

Then we determine your organisation’s evaluation framework to ensure that you have the correct measures in place to drive ongoing talent attraction performance

Last, if you choose, you have ongoing meetings with me to keep up to date with the latest trends, support your organisation to implement best practice and continually drive improved sourcing success to find all of the opportunities to increase your ability to source faster, secure quality candidates with lower recruitment costs


By working with me, you will gain greater clarity and control of your recruitment and sourcing function to unsure success in a changing recruitment market…


Therefore, if you want a step by step plan that will help you achieve your business goals;
If you are looking for the support, training and direction to help you achieve your recruitment and sourcing success;

And, if you would like to be mentored by an experienced HR practitioner and take control attracting the right talent to your business now;

My Talent Attraction Formula Consulting Services however isn’t for all employers. I believe in transparency and results. If for a small investment in my Talent Attraction Formula Consulting Service can save your organisation ongoing $10,000’s – $100,000’s in wasted time, inefficiencies and ineffectiveness talent attraction practices, then this would be a good investment, wouldn’t it be? If I can’t see the potential to produce these savings for you, then we’re not a match to work together – it’s that simple!


To discuss how your business would benefit from one of these programs, contact me today at [email protected] or phone 0432 763 706.

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