Does Work Life Balance Mean the Same for Everyone?

September 3, 2010

I recently engaged in a discussion on what is the ideal work life balance.

This is an interesting concept for me to explore and I think with anything, a stereotypical response does not fit all circumstances.

Initially, I started to look at my own life and what makes up the ideal work life balance for me.

After becoming clear about my personal perspective, I began to look at the lives of those around me and started to see the obvious differences.

Our lives are made up of so many facets – whether it be work, relationships, self, sport, education, religion and many others.

We all place different levels of importance of all areas of life and our ability to prioritise these effectively, while hopefully generating the optimum balance we’re striving for.

The varying combinations of work life balance need to be acknowledged however not compared.  Your colleague may be very happy working full time, raising kids and being heavily involved in their local community.

It’s important for all of us to find what works for you – you may need more self-reflection time, you may need an active lifestyle and exercise regularly, or you may need to surround yourself with others to live a fulfilled life etc.

Work life balance does differ for all of us and as life happens, sometimes we also unconsciously adjust our priorities, without truly reassesses whether we are pursuing what makes us fulfilled.

Remember to take stock every now and reassess.

Our time and energy is precious.  Are you happy with how you allocate both of these?

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