Do You Value Time or Money?

August 3, 2011

Those with money don’t have much time and those with time don’t have much money.

I know when I was uni, during semester breaks specifically I would have ample time (with only doing casual work), however I would not have much disposable money to take advantage of this time.

This was clearly the opposite when I moved into full time work, I had the money, but no longer the time.

I know everyone is different, but it has really dawn on me lately, the older I get the more my value of each commodity has shifted.

Throughout my formal education period, I did value money as this was something that wasn’t easily obtainable for me.

However now, that I am older and have established a career, I do value time more than money.  This has me thinking and raising the following question:

Do we value what we don’t have or what we want most?

You may wish to ponder this question as well and I’d be keen to hear your thoughts – what do you value time or money?

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