Do Employers Hold Key to Work Life Balance? Almost Half of Australians Think So….

January 25, 2011

Study Reveals Australians Believe Work Life Balance Begins With Employer

According to a Hay survey, almost half of Australians believe that work life balance begins and ends with their employer.

The study also revealed that almost 36% of Australians surveyed believe that work life balance is possible.

As Susan Drew from Hays Human Resources states, “As this survey shows, most Australians now believe work-life balance is achievable, provided they either find the right employer or they take matters into their own hands.”

This growing realisation has resulted in jobseekers placing a higher importance on flexibility which can be a deciding factor when choosing a new employer or staying with their current organisation.

Drew also states “While salary and career progression are also important factors in a job seeker’s decision, it’s the potential for work-life balance that can be the deal breaker in an offer that otherwise ticks all the boxes.”

With the increased importance placed on work life balance for Australians, it does highlight the need for employers to address their staff’s work life balance concerns to continue to attract and retain their talent.

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