Organisations interested in becoming recognised through Balancing Australia must meet the following criteria focusing on innovation, visibility and availability.
Organisations must offer at least one innovative work life balance initiative from each of the following categories:

  • Flexible Work Arrangements – e.g. work from home, flexible work hours, job sharing, part time opportunities, phased retirement options
  • Alternative Leave Arrangements – e.g. paid parental leave, purchasable annual leave, leave without pay, grandparent leave, study leave, voluntary/community leave, cultural/ceremonial leave
  • Balancing Extras – e.g. wellness program, employee assistance program, social/sports club, breastfeeding policy, health/wellbeing related allowance/discounts/subsidies

Work life balance strategies must also be visible by all staff and available to the majority of employees.
Assessment of an organisation’s ability to meet this criteria will be made by the supporting evidence submitted, including the organisation’s profile and employee testimonials.

Finally, to be considered a leading work life balance employer, you must employee individuals in a paid capacity (full time, part time or casual), excluding business owners, self employed, contractors or investors.


Balancing Australia relies on organisations to provide current and accurate information upon their initial submission to Balancing Australia for inclusion in this web site and throughout their subscription and display on this web site. Balancing Australia assesses eligibility of organisations for inclusion in this web site based on the information provided by organisations and whether that information satisfies set criteria.

Balancing Australia does not investigate the information provided or the claims made by organisations in their application to Balancing Australia. As a result, Balancing Australia does not warrant or represent that the information contained in this web site is free from errors or omission or that the information contained in the web site is accurate or can be relied up, and confirms that a display of an organisation does not imply an endorsement or recommendation by Balance Australia.

Balancing Australia recommends all individuals to contact the organisations directly to verify all claims made by them and to satisfy themselves as to the standing of the organisation.

Subject to any terms implied by law and which cannot be excluded, Balancing Australia accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred by you as a result of any error, omission or misrepresentation in this web site.

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