Connect at Christmas

December 7, 2009

Life is busy normally, but in the lead up to Christmas, busy seems to take on a whole new meaning.

Life does sometimes feel like a rollercoaster that you can’t get off.

The growing momentum out ways the underlining guilt and resentment that is sometimes experienced that you aren’t doing what you should or want to be doing.

It isn’t easy, particularly juggling the needs, responsibilities and expectations of ourselves, partners, families, friends, jobs and community groups.

As we are fast approaching Christmas and the New Year, it is a great opportunity to reflect on the year that has occurred, what has worked well this year and what perhaps could have worked better.

It is this reflection that allows us to start considering what we can do to make a difference and start creating 2010 to be a year filled with happiness, success and fulfilment.

I hope that if you take some time out to connect with yourself, that you will consider what is truly important to you and what you can practically do to assist with the achievement of work life balance.

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