The Expensive Price Of Living

Financial Pressure & Work Life Balance

I had the pleasure of being interviewed recently for my opinions on the increasing financial struggle many Australians are experiencing.

With added financial pressure employees may also experience greater expectations from their employers to do more with less, usually in the form of more hours, workload and stress. It’s important to survive during this current strain and also plan for the future. The employment market is very competitive and those new to their industries may need to put a bit more in the short term to set themselves up for the future.

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What does the Federal Budget have to do with Work Life Balance?

Financial Pressure & Work Life BalanceFederal Budget and Balance – How to deal with the financial pressure

Don’t let your work life balance suffer due to financial pressure! With the announcement of the federal budget, more Australians will be forced to do more with less. This will result in increased pressure from employers to who will also feel the punch and will ultimately create more uncertainty in the labour market. There will no doubt be a greater expectation by workers to put in more than what they have done before.

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Legitimate Work From Home Jobs


Legitimate work from home jobs may be very appealing however workers must be wary not to be trapped in a scam. The idea of working from the comfort of your home and earning as much as you can is delightful. Thanks to technological advancement, there are many work from home jobs that pay very well. However, scammers have also found a way to reap from this very lucrative sector. As such identifying a legitimate work from home job from a fake one is an uphill task. It is therefore important that before you take up a job you ascertain its legitimacy. Below are tips to help you know whether a job is genuine or fake.

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I never thought I’d have a mid-life crisis…. at the age of 30….

Mid Life Crisis Turning 30

Last year was one of the best and worst years of my life. I turned 30. For many this is an amazing celebration and for me it was as well, and I was blessed to share this moment surrounded by many incredible and inspirational people in my life.

This wasn’t the only emotion that was felt from this occasion.

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Work Life Balance Lessons for 2014

As we start 2014, I’m sure like you, you have a number of new years resolutions that have made the list for the upcoming twelve months. As with previous years, I wanted to share some of my biggest work life balance lessons of 2013. Also share actions you can also take into 2014 to improve your work life balance and new years resolutions.

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How To Keep Smiling All Day :-)

I’m delighted to share a little secret with you that I started a number of years ago, that will hopefully cause many more smiles throughout your day 🙂

As most of us use computers, we’re constantly logging into them with a password. A few years ago I was prompted to generate a new one. I decided that my sequence that I would normally follow to adapt my password was going to be too hard to remember, so I ended up putting something very silly in instead. But the thing was, I actually remembered it and it made me smile every time I entered it. Since then, I have tried to pick ones that would either make me smile, laugh or inspire me.

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Feel Overwhelmed? Join The Balance Challenge!

I’m extremely excited to announce that we have partnered with Empower Magazine to bring together The Balance Challenge.

Over 8 weeks you will get clear about where you are in terms of work life balance, what you want and how you can make it happen with practical tips that you can easily implement.

Regain the balance that you WANT and DESERVE!

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R U OK? 2012 Award Finalist Feature

We all go through tough times at certain times in our lives and that’s one of the reason why I am a big supporter of R U Ok? Day. This day has grown since 2009 and is no longer just about one day, but ongoing conversations with those in your personal or work lives to make sure they are ok, by asking that simple question.

R U Ok? has partnered with AHRI to acknowledge the best organisation that embraced this message in 2012. I am delighted to share that Mercy Health, one of our clients was recognised as a finalist.

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Yahoo’s Work From Home Banning – What Does it Mean For You?

After Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s decision to ban staff from working from home, the reality for organisations to change their flexible working arrangements becomes clearly evident.

In case you missed it, Yahoo has had a long history of supporting their staff to work from home. In fact, x employees regularly work at home and from June 2013, they must return back to the office.

Being in HR for many years, I can certainly acknowledge the challenges of a flexible workforce. However, if the goal is collaboration, water-cooler talk and face time, then this has me concerned if online giant Yahoo can’t make it work.

The success of working from home comes down to the outputs of remote workers. You would assume that if Yahoo is going down the path of retracting this arrangement, that they are not happy with the output. This is a common working from home issue and I wonder how will this benefit Yahoo where a person is working? One must ask are these workers being adequately managed?

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Natural Disasters Renew Working From Home Options

As parts of Australia have experienced some of the worst natural disasters of our recent time, the option to work from home gains momentum. Many employers have provided incredible support plus have been very generous allowing staff to take extra leave to deal with their individual circumstances.

As some homes continue to be at risk and people are unable to attend work due to flooding or bush fires, the opportunity still exists for those not in danger to continue to work from home.

Not only does this allow the employee to be close by their premises to monitor events in person, however it also allows an employer to continue operating despite natural disasters.

Organisations who are not set up to allow employees to work from home, should really consider options to avoid the following:

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