Are You a Workaholic?

June 19, 2010

How could you be a workaholic and not know it?

Workaholics may hesitate to admit the problem to themselves, although if they had a drug problem or something like this, they’d most certainly know about it.

How much time, energy and emotion does your job take from you?

Is it possible that you’re a workaholic, and don’t even know it?

If you take a long, hard, honest look at your work life versus your personal life, might there be a lack of balance in this regard?

One missed child’s recital or game may not be a sign of a problem, but what about missing just about every important event in your family’s life because of work?

Weeknight dinners, school events, birthday parties, time spent alone with a partner – not being present for these things is a sure sign of a problem.

And even if you are physically present for your family, are you mentally and emotionally present?

Are you able to set aside thinking about work and worrying about work in order to really think about and be there emotionally for your family?

Have you possibly become a stranger to them, and they to you?  If it’s been happening on a gradual basis, it’s not always easy to spot.

Finding Balance

Striking a balance can be difficult today especially when so many are worried about their jobs, but it’s a very important issue for everyone.  You don’t want to disappoint your boss, but your family needs your time and attention as well.

Remember that jobs come and go and projects and workloads are only temporary, but you only get just one chance at making your family a success.  So if you are truly a workaholic, it’s time to admit the problem and take steps to achieve that work/life balance!

Written by Michelle Green

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