Are Employers Responsible for Work Life Balance?

January 26, 2011

Do employers have responsibility?

Almost half of Australians believe that their employers have a high responsibility in their pursuit of work life balance, according to a recent Hay survey.

As more workers believe that work life balance is attainable and place a higher importance on this issue, it does demonstrate the need for employees to take matters into their own hands to achieve a balanced life if their work life balance needs are not being met by their employer.

As Susan Drew from Hays Human Resources states, “As this survey shows, most Australians now believe work-life balance is achievable, provided they either find the right employer or they take matters into their own hands.”

We all know of the time and effort it takes to look, find and settle into a new employer and we strongly encourage all employees to speak with their existing employer to try and solve their work life balance needs.

With more workers speaking with their Managers about their work-life conflicts, this will only assist in highlighting that this issue is important and will hopefully bring the gap from their organisation responding to ad hoc requests to a company-wide work life balance commitment.

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