Alternative Leave Arrangements

September 11, 2010

Alternative leave arrangements provided by an employer allow an employee a period of absence from work.

These leave arrangements are offered in excess of the normal legislative entitlement and may include additional types, balances or financial support.

Top Alternative Leave Arrangements

Option Description Example
Paid Parental Leave Money paid to the primary care giver for a set period of time following the birth of a child. An expecting mother receives 8 weeks at normal pay when her child is born.
Purchasable Annual Leave Annual leave that can be purchased by an employee, in which they take a reduced salary throughout the year to buy the leave. An employee purchases an additional 2 weeks leave, to gain a total of 6 weeks per annum to use for an overseas trip.
Leave Without Pay A period of absence from work that an employee does not receive any income. A staff member wishes to take time off however does not have enough annual leave to cover the period. They are able to use leave without pay, where they won’t get any income, however they can still have the time off.
Study Leave Leave that is provided to cover study or exams. An employee who is completing university externally will be paid one day this semester to prepare and attend an exam.
Voluntary/ Community Leave Paid leave for a set period of time for the purpose of volunteering at a charity or related type activity. An employee will be paid one day per annum to volunteer at a charity of their choice.


The above options are only a sample of the types of alternative leave arrangements employers can make available to their staff to help them live a balanced life.

Employees value such arrangements, in particular staff who may wish to pursue other interests that require additional hours outside of their normal available time off.

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