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Job Boards
A job board dedicated exclusively to flexible and home office employment opportunities for Australian professionals.
Australia’s leading careers centre and jobs board for working parents and parents returning to work.
Employment, career and recruitment website showcasing Australian and other jobs.
Job search that brings together all of the jobs posted on job boards throughout Australia.
Australia’s leading careers centre and jobs board for working parents and parents returning to work.
Job search in a range of different industries and roles throughout Australia.
Great source of work life balance information, news and reference material from a variety of worldwide contributors.
Work Life Balance Coaches
As a busy working Mum who has held senior roles in some of Australia’s leading organisations, Stacey Ashley understands the challenges of balancing the important things in your life and work and can help you get the balance right through work life integration coaching.
 PR1ORITIES PTY LIMITEDCreating Better Lifestyles. Learn to manage stress, feel healthy, happy and live life in line with your core values, passion and purpose.


Strive helps individuals, teams and businesses to work out what they want and to support them to success. Laura Krebs is a goal and life coach, a business coach and personal trainer who can help you achieve a happy life, a successful business and great health.


Family & Relationship Support
A not-for-profit organisation deliver relationship support, particularly in relation to work and family conflict
Work Life Balance Support
An initiative by Tourism Australia to support employees with excessive annual leave balances to take a holiday.
A personal concierge company providing a practical service, ticking off all those items on your ‘to do’ list, and assisting you to achieve balance in your life.
Women and Work
Women Tasmania in the Department’s Community Development Division works to ensure women can be engaged in all aspects of society, and to ensure that Government policies, programs and projects are responsive to the needs of women and representative of their views.
Supporting and removing the barriers surrounding breastfeeding in the workplace.
Health & Fitness
Springday helps individuals and corporations to achieve their fitness, health and wellness goals through their online personal trainer and accountability tool.
To be the best you can be and live the life you want, you need to be fit, healthy and have energy. Whatever your focus – weight loss, toning, increasing strength, energy and fitness levels – Strive can help.
Offering help and advice on the management and prevention of health health problems and pain, along with sports and lifestyle coaching.


Government Support
Guidelines to support you to prepare and make requests for flexible work arrangements.
Fair Work Australia is the national workplace relations tribunal, outlining the national employment standards and support to manage flexible requests.
Information from the Family Assistance Office on paid parental leave.
Information on the Australian Government’s financial support of child care.
Information on the Australian Government’s baby bonus.
Information on other Family Assistance Office payments for eligible families.
Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency offers support and resources for working women.
Career Coaches
To identify the right career for you, Inside Out Training and Coaching are the specialists! They can assist you in your future career direction, interview skills training, career repositioning and executive career coaching.
Passionate about transforming lives for a positive, sustainable difference and empowering people to achieve their full potential and make more of life work, more of the time. We believe in the greatest resource there is, YOU!
Coaching Combinations is passionate about working alongside of people who are faced with that ‘stuck’ feeling in their careers and are not sure how to shift or even what the next steps may be. Loving what you do and living your life true to yourself are the two things we believe in. We can help you take steps to get there and would love to chat to you today to get your exciting journey started!
Women Networking Opportunities
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