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    Sick of feeling like there aren’t enough hours during the day? Want practical tips that will allow you to gain control back of your life?

    I know what it’s like juggling your work/business, family, friends and your hobbies, and of course YOU in there too, it can be hard. You may feel overwhelmed or stressed, and you may feel like if you don’t do something about it soon, you’re on the verge of jumping in your car and driving into the distance to get away from it all! I don’t want you to do that!

    I’m committed to helping you to achieve work life balance, so you can gain more balance, freedom and fulfillment back in your life. Over the last 5 years, I’ve put together this exclusive guide on ways to improve your work life balance. Whether you’re a business owner or employee, I’ve got helpful tips that you can easily apply today.

    Join many others who are already taking action to improve their work life balance from this practical guide. Here’s what one reader had to say, “I’ve read your ebook already… big thumbs up!! It’s really useful, concise and to the point.. people will luv it!” Jaki Connaughton, Brisbane Australia.

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Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

April 14, 2014

Legitimate-Work-From-Home-Jobs Legitimate work from home jobs may be very appealing however workers must be wary not to be trapped in a scam. The idea of working from the comfort of your home and earning as much as you can is delightful. Thanks to technological advancement, there are many work from home jobs that pay very well. However, scammers have also found a way to reap from this very lucrative sector. As such identifying a legitimate work from home job from a fake one is an uphill task. It is therefore important that before you take up a job you ascertain its legitimacy. Below are tips to help you know whether a job is genuine or fake.

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I never thought I’d have a mid-life crisis…. at the age of 30….

January 20, 2014

Mid Life Crisis Turning 30 Last year was one of the best and worst years of my life. I turned 30. For many this is an amazing celebration and for me it was as well, and I was blessed to share this moment surrounded by many incredible and inspirational people in my life. This wasn’t the only emotion that was felt from this occasion.

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